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Apple Vs. Facebook Dispute: What Should Marketers Do Now?

Apple and Facebook are at it again and this time, it is probably the endgame. Now for marketers and business owners out there looking for solutions to their ‘new’ online marketing problems, we have solutions and advice that you can follow in 2021 and beyond. In this post, we are going to discuss how the dispute is going to affect online marketing in general and what exactly can be done to minimize the collateral damage. Let’s get started!

How Will the Dispute Affect Marketing?

The main question that most of our readers want to ask is if the new update is going to hurt small business owners. To give you a simple answer: Yes it will. Well, the update can most certainly impact businesses that were into offering products online.

This is because while most ads for services are relevant to the target audience, the ads for specialized products need to be highly targeted. Marketers and business owners should know whether or not the persona being targeted likes their products.

To be honest, Facebook users are not going to stop consuming ads. It’s just that they will now start receiving adverts that are not relevant to their tastes or interests. So yes, your online marketing campaigns will require significant changes if the dispute doesn’t resolve.

What Should Marketers Do Now?

Marketers are completely dependent on Facebook users. If the users want to share their information, Facebook will be able to place highly targeted ads on their feed. Ads based on preferences will not be as influential as they were before the update since now more people will stop sharing their information with Facebook or any other social media application for that matter.

The best way to deal with the situation is to have an all-encompassing online marketing strategy that does not depend on just one or two online platforms. Marketers will now have to approach online marketing differently and stop relying solely on Facebook. What if the same happens with any other social media application? (It might very well do in the near future.)

We highly recommend our readers approach online marketing more professionally and develop a more complete digital marketing strategy. Most of our clients have invested their marketing budget into multiple online marketing campaigns and have been very successful at it. Want to know the secrets of a well-spread online marketing strategy? Connect with us today!

Over to You

Digital marketing has many strings attached to it which is why you should be aware of what is happening in the tech world. Believe it or not, it has the most impact on online marketing. Now, how can you create an online marketing strategy that bypasses the current dispute between Apple and Facebook? Connect with us to know that for free!

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