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Twitter Spaces Are Here to Stay - Should You Use it or Not?

After the enormous success of the audio-based social media platform Clubhouse, social media giants are on the prowl. So, don’t be surprised if social media channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and others come out with audio-based products in the market. Twitter Spaces by Twitter Inc. is the latest one in the news and people are going berserk about it - even though it’s in the BETA phase. Well, we know you want to dig into what Twitter Spaces is all about and how can you leverage this latest social media trend in 2021. Here’s all that you need to know.

What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is an audio-based feature rolled out by Twitter this year. Twitter calls it ‘a small experiment focused on the intimacy of the human voice’. As cheesy as it may sound, essentially, it is a chat room feature on the social media platform that, as Twitter mentioned, can be -

“a place to come together, built around the voices of the people using Twitter, your Twitter community.”

This feature will allow Twitter users to participate in live conversations. The participation can be in the form of speakers or listeners in a group of users. Once the conversation ends, it will no longer be available on the platform. Although, hosts can download a copy of their live conversation.

Clubhouse Vs. Twitter Spaces

Clubhouse has been very successful at implementing an audio-only platform for conducting live conversations. And Twitter wants to catch up. But, there are quite a few differences between how the two competitors function.

Twitter Spaces is a built-in feature in the Twitter App. Clubhouse is an application on its own.

Twitter Spaces allow listeners to provide feedback using emoji. The only way you can share feedback on Clubhouse is by doing rapid mute-unmute to indicate applause.

Anyone can listen to a live conversation on Twitter Spaces. On Clubhouse, you need to be invited by a person in a chat room to participate in a live conversation.

Can anyone create Twitter Spaces?

Although the feature is currently available to only a select few on Twitter for iOS, Twitter Spaces is going to be a public feature that allows anyone to create audio chat rooms. So, yes, anyone can create Twitter Spaces.

To access Twitter Space, you can go to your Twitter homepage and long-press on ‘Compose Tweet’. If the Spaces icon appears, tap on it and get started. Twitter is working hard at making the feature bug-free and has revealed that it will be available to everyone using Twitter.

Inviting people to your Twitter Space

Spaces is public, as we mentioned before. That means anyone can listen to a live conversation. Even the people that don’t follow you can participate in the conversation. Now, the host has the power to choose who can speak in the conversation. At the moment, only 11 people can speak in a Spaces conversation at a time.

Wrapping Up

Twitter Spaces is definitely a feature you want to be testing right now. Besides the fun part of using a new social media feature, it is your chance to become an early adopter of a new social media trend. Audio-only platforms will become a staple in a few years and you should certainly look to master them for your personal or business goals.

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